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Click through the gallery below to see a few examples of Maja's published work, new and old.

Maja has had her work published in national newspapers and consumer media, as well as in reports and brochures for organizations, which we've listed below. That's not to mention her role as staff photographer at the renowned Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Financial Times - UK 

Marie Claire - UK

Geo - UK

Architectural Review - UK

Tate Modern - UK

La Donna della Repubblica - Italy

l Venerdi della Repubblica - Italy

Panorama Travel - Italy

Io Donna del Corriere della Sera - Italy 

Touring Italia - Italy

Gulliver - Italy

Večernji list - Croatia 

Plezir - Serbia


Silk Air - Singapore 

Today's Parents - Singapore 

Volume and Spark - London housing association - UK

Camden Council and Soutwark Council - annual reports - UK 

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